DEX Diagnostics Exchange for Labs

The DEX Diagnostics Exchange helps labs to more precisely identify and report on tests performed and distinguish tests from others with data from claims systems, EMRs, LIS's and other systems.

DEX Diagnostics Exchange for Physicians

The DEX Diagnostics Exchange helps Physicians pinpoint practical information regarding diagnostic tests and precisely order tests.

DEX Diagnostics Exchange for Payers

The DEX Diagnostics Exchange helps reduce medical costs for unnecessary or miscoded tests by enabling precise matching of reimbursement to the exact test performed.

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Diagnostics Exchange

The DEX Diagnostics Exchange is an online test registry and workflow solution that laboratories and diagnostics manufacturers use to submit information about their specific molecular diagnostics (MDx) tests, and providers and payers use to understand and evaluate new and existing tests. The DEX Diagnostics Exchange assigns a unique Z-Code Identifier to each diagnostics test and adds it to the test registry catalog for reference and review by other stakeholders in the healthcare system.

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